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Photos are posted on Mondays.
Photos are provided by Infinity Graphic Design of Alpena.
Please keep in mind:
1. Photos are FREE of charge and a BONUS to the haunted house experience.
2. There are multiple pages of photos and they are not always in order.
3. Not all photos turn out.
3. If you can not find your photo we can NOT find it for you.
4. Please help us keep them free by spreading the word and TAG us if you post the photo on FaceBook. "Dark Minds Haunted Attraction"

There are only two reasons a photo will NOT be posted.
1. It did not turn out correctly
2. Someone posed for the photo

1. Remember there are multiple pages in each album.
2. Click on the date you attended the haunt.
3. Find your photo
4. Either share your photo by using Photo Buckets built-in share options OR:
5. Click on the magnifying glass symbol - bottom right)
6. Right click on your photo
7. Click "save as" and save the image to your computer so you can print or upload the image to facebook.


30th - 2nd 2014

24th - 26th 2014

17th - 19th 2014

10th - 11th 2014

4th - 5th 2014


10 4th - 6th 2013

10 11th - 13th 2013

18th 19th 20th 2013

10 25th 2013

10 26th 27th 2013

30th 31st 2013